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COX PRODUCTIONS has been making quality works for more than twenty years. Films, TV, music videos, graphics, text/content, and now multimedia and web.

Digital media is new. Yet, it seems that existing design rules still apply:-

"commodity, firmness and delight"

So said the great Andreas Palladio, architect, around 1640. He was pointing out that a piece of good design must do what it says it will do; it also should be robust and well made; plus, of course, it has to delightful.

That's Cox Production's essential philosophy too in creating INTELLIGENT SCREEN LIFE.

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A couple of recent websites designed and constructed by Cox Production.

ingvarkenne.com for the photographer Ingvar Kenne

biem.org for BIEM, a Paris based international mechanical rights copyright organisation.


Recently Peter Cox has been lecturing in Web Design, Desktop Publishing, Film and Multimedia at Central Queensland University in Brisbane and Sydney.


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